What’s the latest scoop & timing with fixing the current street conditions?

The street resurfacing will begin this summer. The plans and specs will go out to bid mid-May and we will know the complete list at that time. In the meantime, here are the streets that residents identified.

The following are on our list and the City’s list for 2019/2020 schedule:
3300 Block of Rindge
2000 Block of Perry
2100 Block of Mackay
2100 Block of Perkins
2200 Block of Plant
Manhattan Beach Blvd.

2020/2021 Schedule:
3400 Block of Gibson
2100 Block of Robinson

These blocks did not make the city list but we have $80K to pick the ones we want on the list. The first number is the amount needed, the second number is the PCI rating:
3300 Block of Gibson $24K/PCI 30 (Martha Bettis)
1900 Block of Gates $44K/PCI 39 (Ravi Narasimban)
2400 Block of Rindge $17K/PCI 42 (John Zietzke)
2000 Block of Gates $32K/PCI 45 (Ravi Narasimban)
3500 Block of Rindge $14K/PCI 53 (Dawn Thompson)
2200 Block of Robinson $42K/PCI 55 (Several)

So we identified $173K but only have $80K this year. In mid-May we are going out to bid so we can see what the bids tell us. We may be able to do all this year. Otherwise, we will have to decide which gets on this year and which will go on next year’s schedule and we have to advocate to get another $93K for the 2020/21 schedule.


District 5 Residential Street Prioritization with PCI-1