What’s happening on Artesia Blvd & Rindge?

The property formerly known as our beloved neighborhood grocery store, Albertsons, is private property. It is owned by an elderly lady who lives in the Valley. When the Haggen’s debacle claimed our Albertsons, the property was empty for much longer than any of us liked.

The property owner found a tenant in CVS. CVS is using half of the building and is sub-leasing the other half to Grocery Outlet.

The expected opening date is March/April 2019 assuming there aren’t any construction delays.

While various City Council Members, including myself, advocated for a grocery store tenant, at the end of the day, it was NOT a City Council decision. This property is owned by a private party and is zoned commercial therefore this project never went in front of the City Council.

If you have any questions, please feel comfortable to email me.