Want to help fight crime in Redondo Beach?

Help create a safer Redondo Beach by enrolling in our Community Camera Sharing Program!

FUSUS camera sharing system also has a camera registration program. This allows Redondo Beach Police Department to reach out to anyone with cameras in a geographical area and request possible video evidence that may contain value to a particular case.

Sharing your camera feed enables the Redondo Beach Police Department to respond to incidents at your location faster and
equip officers with advance knowledge of the situation. It will keep our residents and business owners safer and build closer
ties within our community.


  • Our new Redondo Beach Safety Program enables you to share live video feeds with the in emergencies to improve community safety and law enforcement response.
  • Access to your cameras is conditional upon mutual agreement between you and Redondo Beach Police Department and will only be accessed in the event of a criminal incident or emergency at your location.

What is Fusus and how does it work?  Check out this video: