Update #6 – Additional Closures

Redondo Beach Enacts Additional Closures including Beach and Esplanade Parking, Walkways, Beach Access Points, and Park Sites
Redondo Beach, Calif. – Due to the continued rapid spread of COVID-19 and the need to further protect our community and to reduce the impact on hospitals, medical professionals, and various health care facilities in the area, the City of Redondo Beach is enacting additional measures to help ensure the safety of Redondo Beach residents and visitors.
The Redondo Beach City Manager, acting in his capacity as Emergency Services, Director, has issued the attached order effective midnight tonight (March 27, 2020, at 12:00 AM) that the following City spaces, parks, and facilities be closed to the public:
1. The Redondo Beach Pier, International Boardwalk and Parking Structures, except for the purpose of picking up food at City designated locations from restaurants providing to-go orders and employees of those restaurants still providing service.
2. The Esplanade, as defined as the sidewalk and parking spaces along the west side of the street from the City’s southern boundary with the City of Torrance at Calle Miramar to Knob Hill Avenue, and the Parking Lot adjacent to Miramar Park in Torrance.
3. Veteran’s Park and Parking Lots, including the public parking areas adjacent to the Elks Lodge.
4. All public walkways, stairways, ramps, and paths that provide access to the Beach.
5. The coastal bluff trail between Knob Hill Avenue and George Freeth Way.
6. The Pedestrian Path is adjacent to the Beach Bike Path between the City’s southern boundary and the Redondo Beach Pier.
7. All walkways and stairways that provide access from private residential properties to the Redondo Beach Pier and International Boardwalk.
8. George Freeth Way, including the street, sidewalk, and parking.
9. Czuleger Park, except for the purpose of ingress and egress to residential properties adjacent to the Park.
10. Redondo Bike Path Parkette and Parking Lot.
11. Moonstone Park.
12. The Sidewalk, Bike Path, and Public Parking on the west side of Harbor Drive.
13. The Personal Watercraft Hand Launching Facility and the access road behind Seaside Lagoon.
14. The Public Boat Hoist located in the Redondo Beach Marina.
15. The Redondo Beach Marina Parking Lot, except for the purpose of picking up food from restaurants providing to-go orders and employees of those restaurants still providing service. The exception is also extended to live- aboard residents in the Marina.
16. Aviation Park.
17. The North Redondo Beach Bike Path from Robinson Street to Felton Lane.
18. The Dog Park at Dominguez Park.
19. City Park Basketball Courts.
20. City Park Tennis Courts.
These Redondo Beach closures shall remain in effect until April 24, 2020. The closures are subject to further extension if conditions warrant.