Traffic Circle Update: Q & A

Here is the latest information regarding the traffic circle:

On the corner of Plant & Blossom, a temporary traffic circle was installed. The neighbors asked for a stop sign but that corner did not meet the criteria for an additional stop sign. So the Traffic Engineers suggested we try a traffic circle for 6 months. There will tweaks based on input received, there will be traffic studies.

Here are the questions asked at the last community meeting:

Can we install a video on the corner instead of depending on neighbor input?

The City doesn’t have any equipment that can take and store video. The City looked into having a surveillance camera for an illegal dumping situation. The cost was several thousand dollars with limited storage capacity so they gave up the idea due to costs. We will need to rely on police patrols and resident feedback during this trial period.

Who do we call about cones falling down?

The best number to call is Public Works Maintenance at 310-318-0686.

Can we get a Crossing Guard at that corner during the first days of school?
Traffic officers have been monitoring the traffic circle and reporting those observations. While a few warnings have been given to drivers, motorists generally appear to be adjusting to the traffic circle. Police Officers will monitor the traffic circle to ensure safety. At this point, we are not staffed to place a crossing guard at this location.