The RBPOA Santa Sleigh schedule for 2020 will be a modified COVID sleigh this year. It will be a slow drive by and it will not be stopping. It is the hope that families/households can gather individually in front of their homes and wave as Santa goes by.

Below is the schedule for each day.  You can also click HERE to download the PDF/Map.

Day 1 Friday Dec. 11th 2020

Leg 1 of 3:

Start at Johnston and Beland, northbound. Serpentine on Hawkins, Thomas, Spurgeon, Burritt, and Sebald. Go eastbound on MBB to Gibson, then southbound. Serpentine on 159th, 160th, Vargas, and Beland.

Go Dark and Proceed to Robinson and Barkley for next leg of Day 1.

Leg 2 of 3:

Start at Robinson and Barkley, northbound. Serpentine on Barkley, Gibson, and Perkins. Go Dark and proceed northbound on Beland to Inglewood, then south to westbound McBain. Go Dark and proceed southbound on Beland to eastbound Blaisdell and Carlsbad.

Go Dark and proceed to Robinson and Pinkard. Serpentine Pinkard, May and Timothy.

Leg 3 of 3:

Start westbound on Plant. Serpentine northbound through the neighborhood on Perry, Ernest, Farrell, Bataan, Dufour, and Warfield

End of Day 1 Detail is Warfield at Aviation.

Day 2 Saturday Dec. 12th 2020

Leg 1 of 2:

Start at Aviation and Grant, eastbound. Serpentine northbound through the neighborhoods on Rockefeller, Carnegie, Vanderbilt, Mathews, Nelson, Ruhland, Voorhees, Curtis, Gates, Graham, and Robinson.

Go Dark and Proceed to Harper and Palm for last leg of Day 2.

Leg 2 of 2:

Start at Harper and Palm, northbound. Serpentine through the neighborhoods on Harper, Stanford, Goodman, Steinhart, Ford, and Reed. Go Dark southbound on Ford to Herrin. Serpentine eastbound through the neighborhood on Herrin, Carver, Wollacott, and Axenty. Go Westbound Carnegie to northbound Dixon.

Day 3 Sunday Dec. 13th 2020

Start at 190th/Rindge, eastbound on 190th frontage road. N/B Earle to E/B Ripley W/B Belmont to Rindge N/B Rindge to Huntington Serpentine S/B through the neighborhood to Pullman/Ripley S/B Ripley to Meyer S/B Meyer to 190th N/B Phelan, W/B Fisk, N/B Amy, E/B Alvord Serpentine N/B through the neighborhood to Lilienthal/Ripley N/B Ripley to Inglewood S/B Inglewood to W/B 182nd St. E/B 182nd Pl. – W/B 183rd – E/B 185th – W/B 184th – E/B 185th to S/B Felton to E/B Ralston – W/B Alvord – E/B Ralston to Firmona – W/B Fisk – E/B Spreckels – W/B Armour to Pruitt

Day 4 Monday Dec. 14th 2020

Start at Aviation/Huntington, Eastbound Serpentine S/B through the neighborhood to Speyer between Rindge and Harkness S/B Rindge to Havemeyer S/B Blossom – N/B cluster W/B Spreckels to N/B Flagler E/B Havemeyer – W/B Morgan S/B Harkness to E/B Spreckels E/B Ripley to S/B Green W/B 190th to W/B Armour S/B Harkness to W/B Lomax via 190th E/B Van Horne – W/B Armour E/B Spreckels – W/B Carlson E/B Havemeyer – W/B Morgan E/B Haynes – W/B Speyer S/B Goodman to W/B Haynes N/B Harper – Aviation to Steinhart S/B Steinhart – Carmelita to Goodman N/B Goodman – S/B Stanford – Carmelita to Belmont – N/B Ford End of Day 4 Detail is Ford and Aviation.

Day 5 Tuesday Dec. 15th 2020

Start at Diamond/Broadway Northbound Catalina to S/B Elena E/B Carnelian to PCH N/B PCH to W/B Beryl N/B Francisca to Catalina N/B Catalina to PCH S/B PCH to Diamond E/B Diamond to Gertruda Serpentine through the neighborhood E/B between Del Amo and Anita End of Day 5 Detail is Anita/Paulina

Day 6 Wednesday Dec. 16th 2020

Leg 1 of 2:

Start at Diamond/Broadway Southbound E/B Torrance to Francisca N/B Francisca to E/B Vincent via El Redondo S/B Guadalupe to E/B Torrance via El Redondo N/B Helberta to Vincent via El Redondo Serpentine E/B through the neighborhood between Vincent and Torrance Blvd. Proceed to Camino Real and Sierra Vista for second leg of Day 6 Detail

Let 2 of 2:

Start at Camino Real/Sierra Vista Westbound to Guadalupe E/B Miramar – S/B Camino Real – E/B Pearl – S/B Judy N/B Irena – E/B Torrance S/B Juanita – E/B Rita N/B Lucia – E/B Torrnace S/B Prospect – E/B Pearl S/B Susana to N/B Faye S/B Prospect – W/B Camino Real – S/B Juanita W/B Serpentine – N/B Irena S/B Helberta to N/B Gertruda via Sapphire W/B Pearl – S/B Francisca S/B Sapphire to W/B Knob Hill N/B Gertruda to S/B Elvira via Sapphire W/B Knob Hill to N/B Broadway End of Day 6 Detail is Broadway and Torrance

Day 7 Thursday Dec. 17th 2020

Start at PCH and Knob Hill, Westbound Serpentine through the Avenues S/B between Esplanade and PCH W/B Ave H to S/B Esplanade E/B Ave I to S/B Camino De La Costa W/B Vista Del Mar to S/B Esplanade past the Burnout E/B Paseo De La Playa to S/B Camino De La Costa Cut N/B through the parking lot to S. Catalina and on to N/B Palos Verdes Blvd. W/B Ave. H – E/B Ave G W/B Ave F – E/B Ave E N/B Prospect to E/B Ave H to Massena N/B S. Gertruda – S/B S. Helberta N/B Prospect to E/B S. Irena W/B S. Irena to Ave D Serpentine through the Avenues N/B between PCH and the City Limits, remembering to include the 1000 blocks of the Avenues End of Day 7 Detail is Knob Hill and Camino Real