SCE Right of Way

 The City of Redondo Beach leases the land under the power lines for about $4,500 per year. The City is allowed to use the area as a park, bike and pedestrian pathway, and landscape purposes only. We have to provide maintenance and insurance liability.

 Last year, I noticed there was $250,000 set aside in the Capital Improvement Projects (CIP) list to repair and upgrade the irrigation. But we are in a drought and are not allowed to water our medians and have water budgets. So I asked Council to re-appropriate those funds. I asked if we could landscape the area with drought tolerant landscaping, a few short trees, provide more walking paths and provide better lighting. I also want to add parking to the areas just north and south of Artesia Blvd in order to help support businesses.

 We have asked SCE for permission to add parking since we do not have permission to do so. Once we are given permission or denied, the city will move forward with beautifying at least 2 sections of the right of the way. As the budget allows, we can continue beautifying each section. Also, if community groups want to do a service project they will be invited to invest in our area to make the area feel more like a park.