Redondo Making Oceans Cleaner

Your Redondo Beach City Council believes in capturing stormwater to help improve the water quality at your beaches.

Redondo Beach installed an infiltration project at Veteran’s Park. It was approved on March 19, 1919 (Item H14) and was deemed complete on March 17, 2020.

The City is required and fully believes in the installation of Full Capture Devices (FCD). This project employs an end of pipe FCD (commonly known as Aquaswirl) & will divert and infiltrate low flow urban runoff to help improve water quality. The diversion portion of the project is included to address bacterial pollution concerns.

The watershed is approximately 117 acres. The beach outfall is located just south of Redondo’s Municipal Pier & Harbor area. The infiltration area includes a passive gravity flow system (no pumps) located west of the Veteran’s Monument in the park’s grass area shown in the picture.

The infiltration area is approximately 1,000 sq. feet and 6 feet deep. The only structure you can see on the park’s surface is one maintenance manhole. While the temporary construction area was large, the area’s landscaping has all been restored. The storm drain-pipe that the runoff will be diverted from is owned by the LA County Flood Control District and the project required a Flood Control Maintenance Agreement.

What is a watershed? This video explains it: