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Hello - 

What do you want in a neighborhood? I want safe, maintained streets, good schools, clean parks, and responsive city officials.

District 5 has been my family's home since 1992. I have met many of you through our Redondo Beach schools and sports organizations, as well as my District 5 community meetings. I love our community. As your City Councilperson, I regularly fight for our share of the Redondo Beach budget to ensure that we have a properly maintained neighborhood, with enough police and fire services to keep us safe. I secured funding to beautify and improve the Edison bike path. I fought for improvements to Anderson Park including new bathrooms to serve you. In the near future, we will have repaved roads, a beautified bike path, and improved public amenities.

I am proud of the fact that I regularly connect with many of you to help solve the small and large problems to make your lives easier and safer. With my leadership, we will also keep our public safety services and decisions local, here in Redondo, and not subject to an outsider's authority.

I will continue to support resources to help the Redondo Beach homeless find homes and services so they do not have to live on our streets. Have you noticed that the homeless encampment off the Inglewood Ave 405 off-ramp has been removed? Working with our Police, CalTrans and PATH (Persons Assisting The Homeless) to find various solutions and remove the unwelcome eyesore at the entrance of our neighborhood was a tremendous success.

While the Galleria gets a much-needed new beginning, Artesia Blvd is ready for upgrades, too. I passed an ordinance to decrease the number of massage parlors on Artesia Blvd. In addition, I voted to fund the Artesia Blvd. Storefront Improvement Program which has been very popular. You will see many new facelifts as the program progresses. In preparation of the renewed interest for Artesia Blvd., I also convinced Council to give Artesia Blvd. a much-needed refresh. The medians now have drought approved irrigation and new drought-tolerant landscaping. We now have new public benches and our old, tired street signs are getting replaced.

Economic development and regional involvement will remain important to maintain and improve our quality of life in District 5. I support the push for a regional broadband which will offer fast and affordable internet to the community and attract high tech jobs to the area. I will continue to fight for improvements to our parks and community services. I also contend we keep our Redondo Beach Fire and Police well equipped and ready to keep our town safe.

Please speak up! I want to hear from you on what you would like to see improved in North Redondo. Together we can continue to make Redondo Beach the best in the South Bay.

Help me keep our north corner of our city a happy place to call home. We need to keep the City's focus on District 5.

Please stand with me by donating today to my March 2019 re-election campaign.

Your neighbor,

Laura Emdee

Proudly serving District 5

Redondo Beach City Council Member


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