Redondo Beach's District 5 News

by Laura Emdee, City Councilmember


Welcome to Redondo Beach!

Our diverse community is friendly and happy. When you move to Redondo you are part of a community that values tradition, safety and education. We are proud of our area and expect it to be clean and well maintained. Our little corner of paradise is home to Redondo’s largest employer, Northrup Grumman. Our schools are the envy of the South Bay. Our popular hotels on Marine Avenue helped save Redondo Beach’s budget when sales tax dipped. Plus, we are freeway close to everything the LA area has to offer. The Metro Green Line stops at Marine & Redondo Avenue and will be expanding to the Galleria by 2028.

We work hard, we play fair and we are pleased to live here. Below you will see the work we do to keep our neighborhood a safe, clean and happy place to live.

Thank you for visiting this site and being a part of this great community.

Laura Emdee
Redondo Beach City Council
Proudly representing District 5

Latest News


Apr 16, 2020

The COVID-19 outbreak is affecting all parts of our lives – Economically, Socially and Mentally. The current safer at home orders are not sustainable. Getting to normal while preventing surges that overwhelm our healthcare system is the next challenge. Join Redondo Beach City Councilmember Laura Emdee to discuss Redondo’s plan…

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Community Block Grant Plan

Apr 16, 2020

Redondo Beach receives funding from HUD to help with housing & community needs, this funding is called Community Block Grant. This year’s plan includes: 1) Housing Improvement Program 2) Public Improvements 3) 1736 Family Crisis Center 4) Fair Housing 5) RB Salvation Army Meals for Seniors 6) SB Family Health…

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Left Turn Restrictions on Ripley & Felton at Adams Middle School

Apr 15, 2020

Item H17: April 7 Agenda Item was pulled and will be discussed another day Background: School-related traffic near Adams Middle School is often problematic for approximately 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the afternoon on school days, which may lead to heavy congestion during these periods. As…

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38 more flashing Stop Signs?

Apr 14, 2020

During the 2015-18 school years, Staff met with representatives from the Redondo Beach Unified School District and individual school Principals to discuss traffic issues around the schools. These discussions focused on developing options to reduce traffic congestion and enhance pedestrian, bicycle and vehicle safety. One of the numerous recommendations approved…

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Update: Inglewood/Manhattan Beach Blvd Project

Mar 26, 2020

Well here is an update and one of the casualties of Covid-19. Back in 2018 I wrote a post about the Manhattan Beach Blvd/Inglewood Blvd construction project.  Well, that project been postponed until the health crises are over as I received this e-mail from MWD about Inglewood/Manhattan Beach Blvd project:…

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Federal Stimulus Package has passed!

Mar 25, 2020

The Federal Stimulus Package has passed and here is the preliminary information that I have received: 4 months of more unemployment insurance instead of 3 months. $55 billion increase in the Marshall Plan for our Health Care System. $150 billion for a state, tribal, and local Coronavirus Relief fund. $10…

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Redondo Beach Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Mar 20, 2020

Beach Cities Health District is offering Assistance for Older Adults & Adults with Disabilities During this time of heightened health concern, BCHD is available to offer help and support. If you are an older adult resident or an adult with disabilities (or if you know one) in the Beach Cities…

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The Green Streets Project

Mar 19, 2020

Why are we paying $137,500 to Torrance? At the March 17, 2020 Council Meeting – an MOU (Memoranda of Understanding) between the Beach Cities Group was approved. Why? Working together, the cities of Torrance, Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach & Redondo Beach will share a grant & project costs to create…

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Status of the Redondo Beach Investment Portfolio

Mar 18, 2020

From Steven Diels Redondo Beach City Treasurer With all of the challenges going on with the Novel Coronavirus and financial markets, I wanted to tell you I am very comfortable with the holdings in the City of Redondo Beach investment portfolio. With interest rates dropping materially the past few weeks,…

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Redondo Making Oceans Cleaner

Mar 16, 2020

Your Redondo Beach City Council believes in capturing stormwater to help improve the water quality at your beaches. Redondo Beach installed an infiltration project at Veteran’s Park. It was approved on March 19, 1919 (Item H14) and was deemed complete on March 17, 2020. The City is required and fully…

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