Manhattan Beach Blvd & Inglewood Ave News

Three projects are being coordinated on the corner of MBB Blvd & Inglewood Ave:

  1. A new gas station.
  2. Widening Inglewood Ave.
  3. Removing the ugly above-ground utility boxes and vents.

The City has been working closely with the developer’s team (United Oil) to coordinate the gas station construction with the City’s roadway widening project.

The gas station owner anticipates the construction to be completed in February 2019.

The roadway widening design is well developed. Utility relocations, primarily the above ground cabinets and associated vents, are presenting the biggest variable. At this point, the City anticipates their timeline to be:

  • Design completion in Jan/Feb 2019
  • Utility relocations to occur in Mar/Apr 2019
  • Widening construction start in Jul/Aug 2019

If the utility relocations occur sooner, widening construction will be accelerated accordingly.