How should we comply with SB415?

Election choices will be before you in 2018. It was ALWAYS going to be your choice. 

We are a Charter City therefore you vote on any Charter changes. The Council only presents a plan, the voters decide on the changes.

The State has mandated that everyone must align their elections with the state elections. The goal is to increase voter turnout and that’s a good goal, right? State elections are in even years but RB elections are in odd years. How do we align ourselves? Click below to answer a poll. My website has the pros/cons of each choice plus learn how we can change our run-off elections to save money, have less negativity and save time with Instant Run-off Voting (IRV).

Here is a summary:

1) Must change elections to even years.
2) 2019 isn’t likely a problem but 2021 may be due to cities changing to 2022. Costs and hiring election help may be a problem in 2021.
3) Our charter requires a run-off if no candidate receives more than 50% of the votes.

Possible Solutions: