street neighborhoodState is mandating we zone for 2,490 more housing units in Redondo Beach, our current zoning allows for 1,278 more homes SO we have to decide where to zone the rest of the housing OR do we risk the penalties and fight the State. I explained the How & Why in the 4 minute video above. We discussed options at the Community Meeting and here were a few of the questions asked:

What options have been suggested?

  • 600 units at the Galleria-Industrial Flex Area (50 acres) which is the area of Living Spaces, King Harbor Brewing, TJ Maxx and Ralphs.
  • 1,000 units North of Manhattan Beach Blvd to Marine to Inglewood Avenue. (87 acres)
  • plus a few other options and only 313 unit options are located in 90277.

What about the 50 acre Power Plant area?
We need advocacy to make sure other Redondo areas are considered or North Redondo, specifically, District 4 & 5, will bear the burden of all the new housing.

Action: There will be a community meeting on April 7. At this meeting you will be asked where you feel the housing should go?

You are invited to participate in a Virtual Community Meeting where the GPAC Draft Land Use Plan/Map will be presented
WHEN: Wednesday April 7, 2021, starting at 6:30 p.m. to approximately 9:00 p.m.
WHERE: Virtual meeting via Zoom.  To participate in the meeting, registration is required using the following link:
https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_idBuwB1BRnqhLowhhP_diAOver the past three (3) years the GPAC has been working hard exploring land use and other issues that will inform and shape the City’s General Plan Update. Come to learn more about the General Plan update and provide feedback/input/comments on the GPAC’s Draft Land Use Plan/Map.
This virtual Community Meeting begins at 6:30 PM with a presentation from City staff and consultants that will focus on the GPAC’s Draft Land Use Plan/Map, recent changes in State Housing Law, and the City’s recent assignment of its Regional Housing Needs Allocation (RHNA) from SCAG. Following the presentation will be a question and answer period and requests for your input, feedback, and comments. If you are unable to attend, the Community Meeting will be recorded and posted on our website, and you will have opportunities to comment on the Draft Land Use Plan/Map virtually as well. Any feedback, input, and comments received will be presented to the Planning Commission at their scheduled meeting on April 15, 2021 and to the City Council at their upcoming meetings scheduled for April 20, 2021 and May 4, 2021.
If you would like to simply view the meeting only, it will broadcast live on Spectrum Channel 8 and Frontier Communications Channel 41, and stream live on the City’s agenda webpage at www.redondo.org/rbtv and YouTube at the following link https://www.youtube.com/c/CityofRedondoBeachITWritten comments on the Draft Land Use Plan will be accepted by email to PLANredondo@redondo.org.

How many of RB lots already zoned for R2 or R3 but only have one house? Further, how many are located in North Redondo vs South Redondo?
The answer is 788

90277 90278 Total
Existing Units 147 444 591
Capacity 351 1028 1379
Net Unit 204 584 788


How many units have already been approved at the Galleria?
300 total units. 60 of them are affordable. IF the 600 more units are zoned this means 900 total housing will be zoned North of Kingsdale, Galleria area.

How many more units do we have to zone?
about 1,500 (this number will be updated at the April 7)

Can we fight the State of California?
Asm. Al Muratsuchi introduced Bill ACA7 which gives more local control but that will take awhile to play out. We can sue. Meanwhile, we could face severe penalties such as up to $100,000 per month for every month our Housing Element is past due. Or we could lose our ability to permit just as the City of Pleasanton did. Irvine lost their RHNA case against the State of California. Escondido created a Housing Element that met the State mandate but Escondido required a vote to approve zoning changes, voters said no. The issue went to court, judge said voters cannot say no to a state mandate therefore the Certified Housing Element stands.
But we have been successful where others were not, how much are you willing to lose to not zone the housing?

What are other cities doing? They are rezoning. For example: Escondido – prepared a specific plan to allow housing for more than 6,000 units; Riverside – rezoning for at least 15,000 units; Bell Gardens – rezoning; El Segundo – rezoning downtown and smoky hollow specific plan; West Hollywood – rezoning – even though their General Plan was done in 2013; Walnut – rezoning industrial and old commercial areas

The Housing Element will go to the Planning Commission April 15 then to Council on April 20.

Please help me advocate for an equitable distribution of housing at all or any of these meetings: April 7, 15 and/or April 20.


  1. Michelle Johnson on March 31, 2021 at 1:14 pm

    Hi Laura, I really think all of this extra housing is too much for the whole city of Redondo Beach, but as you stated the state of California is mandating this housing. No. Redondo Beach is already too crowded, How come the Mayor is not speaking up for fair housing in south RB? Thanks,
    Michelle Johnson
    Btw, is there something we can sign or do?