Homes for the Unhoused?

In my last newsletter and at our last community meeting, we discussed the possibility of temporarily installing, at Aviation Park, Pallet Homes for Redondo’s Unhoused. Since then, Aviation Park has begun to open, therefore, based on Council’s discussion, it is unlikely that Aviation Park will be considered.

City Council asked for a report to address the many questions we all have including process, procedures, safety, funding and other possible locations. A progress report will be presented at the Council Meeting on Tuesday, October 20. The agenda is released on Friday, October 16. Join us on Tuesday to hear the latest.

Regarding funding, LA County granted Redondo funding for the Pallet Homes at their October 13 meeting. It was Item 59-D – Use of Coronavirus Relief Fund to Establish the Emergency Shelter Pallet Project

This motion will provide funding for a Homeless Project in Redondo Beach. Redondo Beach will use 15 pallet homes for individuals experiencing Homelessness. LA County is utilizing CARES Act funding for the one time capital costs and the City of Redondo Beach is paying for half of the operating cost. LA County will have all the wrap around services on site.

$420k for pallet shelter and all costs associated with prepping site. Money must be spent by Dec. 30.

$408k for services.


$828k total

This item was approved unanimously.

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