Gallery Remodel Update

The Galleria Remodel was approved unanimously on January 15, 2019. The Planning Commission had approved the project 6-1 but an appeal was filed. The Council rejected the appeal and approved the project with the following conditions.

The project will begin in about 1 year and be completed in about 4 years. Most of the construction will be on the east side so you can still shop and enter via the west side. Meanwhile, Redondo will receive:
– $6 Million into the John Parson Public Art Fund
– $1 Million into Artesia Blvd for street enhancements and/or traffic improvements.
– $7.5 Million in Quimby Fees. Quimby Fees go towards our Redondo parks.
– Bike Path Feasibility Study to expand bike paths in the area.
– The existing parking garage will now have sound mitigation.
– The hotel will be available for community meetings upon advance notice and based on availability (same for the Marine Avenue hotels)
– Active Duty Military will have 15 units available to them with a reduced security deposit requirement. The LA Air Force Base is on the Green Line and the Galleria Green Line stop will provide easy access to work/home.
– RBUSD teachers will also have 15 units available to them.


1 Comment

  1. Denise Dumars on January 24, 2019 at 9:25 pm

    It’s sad that one day this week, the McDonald’s workers were happy and smiling. The next day McDonald’s was closed. Macy’s was closed also the day I was there. This doesn’t look at all like something I’d like, frankly; just more noise and rich people and traffic when I’m trying to get to work.