Energizing Artesia & Aviation Corridors

We have been meeting, collecting data, doing studies. Many have reviewed the Artesia/Aviation Corridor Action Plan (AACAP).  All along the process, I have been sharing it in my newsletters and website. Now, the City Council is in the midst of a Public Hearing. The plan was presented, questions were asked, concerns were raised and answered.

The Public Hearing will continue to the December 8, 2020 City Council Meeting now is your chance to review it. Below is the conversation and what all the energy is about. This plan will be done in phases but it will happen because…
Residents want to Energize Artesia & Aviation Corridors.

In the meantime, as we work on AACAP, we have already funded and are in the process of:

  • rehabilitating and improving Manhattan Beach Blvd.
  • continuing the Residential Road Rehabilitation.
  • adding right turn lanes to help traffic flow.
  • synchronizing traffic signals to help with traffic flow.

Focus: North Redondo Beach #The78


Residents want Design, Mobility & Economic Development:
  • Design includes:
    • Facade improvements
    • architecture
    • placemaking
    • a positive pedestrian experience
    • outdoor dining
    • better sidewalks
    • lighting & landscaping
    • better signage
  • Mobility includes:
    • Traffic signalization
    • parking (shared & public)
    • curb management
    • streetlets/acitivity nodes
    • neighborhood connectivity
    • connectivity to the Galleria
    • bike lanes
  • Economic Development includes:
    • Harnessing Market Demand
    • Streamlined entitlement for preferred uses
    • Linking successful business districts & activity nodes

What is a Streetlet?

What is an improved
Pedestrian Experience?

Enhanced Gateways create Placemaking


  • Small Lots
  • Building allowed vs land cost
  • Stringent Parking Requirements

Creating shared parking agreements between businesses then new businesses can come to Artesia Blvd and satisfy the parking demands. Shared parking would eliminate the inefficient and under utilized parking spaces.


How Do We Get There?

The Plan:

  • Incentives for desired businesses.
  • Create a parking district for employee use and shared parking agreements between businesses.
  • Parklets/Streetlets for neighborhood fun.
  • Enhanced Mobility
  • Inviting Pedestrian Experience
  • Increase Public Art
  • Placemaking & Branding

Wait, how do we add bike lanes without taking out driving lanes?

First, bike lanes would be the ultimate goal. Not the immediate action. First, we need to create the public parking areas plus the shared parking agreements. We need to find and invest the capital needed to create these ideas. We need to reassess as each phase gets completed.

One possibility below…. but all possibilities will maintain all Car Lanes


Looking for more information?  Click HERE

City Council will review this plan at the next Artesia Aviation Corridor Public Hearing on December 8, 2020.