Creating the Redondo Beach 5 year plan to address homelessness

Along with many other cities in Los Angeles County, Redondo Beach is developing a plan to address homelessness in our community that will open the door to use of the County’s Measure H funds for homeless services. The City’s planning consultants, Abby Arnold, and Jennifer Swan, will update us on Measure H and listen to information and ideas from district residents to include in the Redondo Beach Plan to Address Homelessness.

February 16, Saturday
9am to 10:30am
Anderson Park Senior Center

Background Information:

City Initiatives

In 2012 the Redondo Beach Police Department conducted a comprehensive survey of its homeless population. The goal of the survey was to improve public safety and increase the City’s knowledge of this diverse population. The survey spotlighted an even greater homeless population with more complex needs than what was previously believed. The total count at the time of the survey was 180 homeless individuals.

In 2014, the City Manager formed a Homeless Task Force comprised of residents of Redondo Beach who met on a monthly basis. The mission of the task force was to find collaborative ways to respond to the challenges faced by the homeless population as well as residents, neighborhoods, businesses, schools, non-profits, churches and safety agencies. Under the direction of the City Manager, the Task Force made several recommendations. A key component of the recommendations was the need to contract with a coordinated outreach provider to ensure that all available services were made available to the homeless.

Get Help / Referrals – PATH

A few years ago, PATH, (People Assisting The Homeless) was identified as a sole source provider with an extensive industry network, trained staff and a methodology for working with public agencies to address homelessness issues. PATH had previously been selected by the South Bay Cities Council of Governments (SBCCOG) to work with all COG member cities on homelessness. PATH brings 30 years of experience to end homelessness for individuals, families and communities.

Measure H and What’s next?

In response to the passage of Measure H, which created significant new resources to address homelessness in LA County, the City of Redondo Beach seeks to coordinate with other jurisdictions, including the County, the Beach Cities Health District and neighboring cities, so that City residents experience a visible decrease in homelessness in their community. The meeting set on February 16 is just one of many community outreach meetings happening throughout our city. Come identify the needs and learn what our city has done, can do and cannot do to help People facing Homelessness.