Clean Trucks? Great but at what cost?

Is providing incentives to replace heavy-duty trucks with electric power trucks important to you? Are you willing to pay for it? SB732, “a proposed law to invent a new tax district so yet another government agency can put tax hikes on the ballot.”

I agree with the Daily Breeze editor & I think replacing the trucks is a great way to clean our air. However, the state could fund the incentive program from cap-and-trade revenue. If it’s not a sufficient priority to merit state spending. It should be the reason for inventing a new way to raise taxes.”

SB732 would lift the sales tax cap. In some cities, the sales tax would exceed 10.25% Redondo needs to protect itself. If the state is going to raise our sales taxes then we need to introduce an ordinance that is only triggered if the state (& now AQMD) raises our sales tax, this way we get a slice first. We need to keep the taxes local.

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