Clarifying Campaign Trail Propaganda

Sometimes things are said on the campaign trail that have another side to the story:

What is the $9Million about?

Some of you are concerned about the negative letters about me. Thank you. Please beware of those letters. No one appears to be the gatekeeper of those lies that are often printed.

What those letters fail to mention is the $9Million was part of a much larger Asset Management Plan. Brand agreed with this plan and voted for $11.2Million towards pier lease purchases. They also don’t mention that the lease buyouts came from the Harbor Enterprise Funds, not the General Fund.

First, let’s go over the timeline:

2007 Council agrees to embark on an Asset Management Plan to acquire all leases at the Pier in order to consolidate and develop the pier area as one plan.

2011, Oct 11 Closed Session Item with reportable action: $125,000 was authorized to cover costs to start this plan.

Aspel, Aust, Diels, Kilroy voted yes.

Brand was absent.


2012, Feb 12 Item L2: Pier Plaza Purchase: $8.2Million.

Unanimously voted yes:

Aspel, Aust, Diels, Kilroy and Brand.


2012, April 12 Item E19: International Boardwalk Purchase: $2.9Million.

Unanimous: Aspel, Aust, Diels, Kilroy, Brand.


2014 March 14: Item N4: Acquisition Cost: $240,000. Purchase of RB Marina: $12.2 Million.

Yes: Ginsburg, Aust, Kilroy, Sammarco.

Brand absent.

so far that totals $23,665,000 or 72% of total lease buyouts

2015 Horvath & Emdee are elected

2016 Barbee is appointed.


2017, Jan 17 Item N1: Fun Factory is purchased PLUS includes language that releases us from all possible litigation. This is important because Fun Factory has been suing the city since 1974. $9Million.

The money came from Harbor Enterprise Funds and refinancing of the current debt is on lease financing. NOT from the General Fund.

The General Fund pays for the payroll of Police and Fire.

I have listed all the dates and item numbers so that any one of you can look up the minutes and see the full staff reports and information.