Cannabis Retail Shops in Redondo Beach?

Person Holding Green Canabis

PLEASE Don’t sign the initiative about to be circulated. Last year, City Council formed a City Manager Task Force to decide the parameters of allowing Cannabis Retailers in our city. We decided on 1 license with an option to add one more for a total of 2. Redondo Beach put together a team from the…

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Attack or Distraction?

Many of you are concerned about an ugly email that was sent out by Rescue Our Waterfront (ROW). Many of you were understandably appalled. I thank you for the support. Why would ROW attack 2 termed out Councilmembers when their candidates have a supermajority on Council? They want to distract you from several items: Losing…

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Raising our Road Scores

When the Great Recession hit, road maintenance was delayed and many other budget cuts were done.  Our roads were maintained by District- regardless of condition, making the budget a bit unpredictable. When the rotation stopped during the recession every district suffered. When the budget returned, we were faced with terrible roads everywhere. I wanted to…

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Mail Delivery Update & Survey

Mail Box

City Council asked Congressman Ted Lieu’s Office to help us with the Redondo Beach Postal Service. We were able to get a few things remedied right away such as accepting packages at the North Redondo Beach Post Office. I received some feedback that the mail service has improved such as mail is getting delivered everyday…

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street neighborhood

State is mandating we zone for 2,490 more housing units in Redondo Beach, our current zoning allows for 1,278 more homes SO we have to decide where to zone the rest of the housing OR do we risk the penalties and fight the State. I explained the How & Why in the 4 minute video above. We…

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Dogs in Parks…. again

couple with dog in park

Last October, per a request from the Park Commission, City Council allowed dogs in most parks on a trial basis. The Trial ends October 2021 but there has been a few angry residents upset about dogs in a couple of the parkettes. Council voted to bring the topic back early this summer. What’s your opinion? Please take…

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Metro Green Line Extension from Redondo to Torrance

NOW is the time to say something Metro is beginning the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the Metro Line C (Formerly the Green Line). Metro has begun it’s Scoping Meetings. These meetings are meant to gather everyone’s concerns so they know what to study. These meetings determine the SCOPE of the study. If you want…

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State Takes Control of Housing

Where do we zone 1,463 more housing units in an already dense Redondo Beach? Our City has a General Plan that defines Land Use and Zoning. Some residents argued that our General Plan is not in sync with our resident. Redondo Beach does have a job vs resident imbalance, it’s true. When you compare our…

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Manhattan Beach Blvd. is about to get some love!

Manhattan Beach Blvd. is about to get some love! The entire project will include purple pipe irrigation (Recycled Water). Beautification and sidewalk improvements between Johnston & Dow, signal improvements and bike lanes. First we have to decide on a which kind of bike lane we want because that will determine much on the rest of…

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Covid-19 Vaccines Roll Out

BCHD has presented a chart describing the phases and tiers and includes timeline estimates for each: VaccineDistribution.pdf ( Despite the State of California announcement, Los Angeles County will not begin vaccinating people age 65 and older until they complete vaccinations for healthcare workers and receive more vaccine from the state for this new priority group.…

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