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Homelessness Update

The City Council has been working the Homelessness Issue from different angles. Help find homes & services. City Council authorized $250,000 towards homeless outreach efforts. Our efforts have led to people finding homes as was written about in the Daily Breeze. Pay for lawyers to attend hearings for repeat offenders and represent Redondo’s interests. Sign…

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Homelessness in Redondo Beach

Photo by Nate Cohen from Pexels

Homelessness is not a crime. Why are we seeing more homeless tents? The 9th District Court has ruled in Martin vs City of Boise that 2 city ordinances, disorderly conduct ordinance and camping ordinance, which criminalized sleeping outside on public property whether bare or with a blanket or other basic bedding violated the Eighth Amendment…

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Creating the Redondo Beach 5 year plan to address homelessness

Along with many other cities in Los Angeles County, Redondo Beach is developing a plan to address homelessness in our community that will open the door to use of the County’s Measure H funds for homeless services. The City’s planning consultants, Abby Arnold, and Jennifer Swan, will update us on Measure H and listen to…

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Homeless Funding

Redondo Beach police are taking a proactive approach to helping the homeless population by hiring more mental health professionals to ride along with police. The idea is to bring critical specialists and organizations directly to those in need. People Assisting The Homeless (PATH) has been contracted by Redondo Beach and the So Bay City Councils…

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