Bike & Scooter Sharing Survey

The City of Redondo Beach is working with neighboring cities to develop rules and regulations regarding shared mobility programs. A program of this nature would provide a fleet of bicycles, electric bicycles, and/or electric scooters to the community as a local transportation option for short business and personal trips.

Bikeshare programs first emerged in 2010 and are now found in nearly every major American city. These programs started with technology where bicycles had to be checked out and returned to a docking station. That technology has since evolved with many bike share programs offering bicycles via smartphone apps that can be self-locked, eliminating the need to return to a specific docking location and providing more flexibility across the system.

In late 2017, electric scooters emerged as a new form of shared mobility equipment, where users can start and end a scooter ride through a smart-phone app. These scooters also have a self-locking technology that allows this equipment to be checked out and parked at a wide range of locations.

Your participation in this survey will allow City officials to evaluate how shared active transportation programs could be implemented to provide additional transportation choices while addressing safety, economics, and other areas of concern to the community. The responses you provide will help to assess the value of these programs and develop best practices to address the development of any potential program regulations.

Thank you in advance for your participation.