Attack or Distraction?

Many of you are concerned about an ugly email that was sent out by Rescue Our Waterfront (ROW). Many of you were understandably appalled. I thank you for the support.

Why would ROW attack 2 termed out Councilmembers when their candidates have a supermajority on Council?

They want to distract you from several items:

  1. Losing Your Fire Department: The Fire Department Study will soon return. This study will move along the process to close Redondo Beach Fire so that we can be under LA County Fire. Not only do we lose our own RB Fire, we lose local control and RB Finance Department has shown LA County Fire is more expensive.
  2. Housing: ROW wants you to forget their favored councilmen just zoned ALL the mandated housing in North Redondo Beach. Once completely built out, North Redondo will have twice as many residents as South Redondo Beach.
  3. Cannabis Retail Shops. Redondo has been served with an intent to circulate signatures for an initiative. An initiative that does not tax cannabis and mandates 3 shops in Redondo Beach. The people behind the initiative also donated to 2 Councilmen. In September, the City will present it’s plan. Stay tuned.
  4. The Pier/Mole D – CenterCal took out a full page ad in the Easy Reader saying they are willing to create a smaller project. A smaller project fully compliant with Measure C, even though 4 judges said Measure C cannot be applied to the project. Most ROW candidates are not willing to have a smaller project with CenterCal. Meanwhile, Redondo pays $1.5 to $2.5 Million ANNUALLY to maintain an outdated parking garage.

Redondo Beach is still in lawsuits due to stopping a 15 year process instead of working with the chosen developer who was chosen long ago. What are the possible results from the lawsuits?

    • Best case scenario – judge says it’s ok for us to walk away without reimbursing CenterCal.
    • Worst case scenario – RB has to pay $15Million plus legal fees for backing out of the long process. We could have changed our mind and said we want a smaller project but we chose to cease the relationship.

Meanwhile, the City Council approved at the 08/17/2021 Council Meeting another consultant to create a Harbor Amenities Plan. The $242,872 cost for the contract will be split evenly between the Harbor Enterprise Uplands and Tidelands Accounts.

ROW has stooped to lying in order to keep the flames of hate alive, if anything happens or doesn’t happen, it’s on their watch.

Don’t be distracted or you will lose your Fire Department, be surrounded by Cannabis shops and have a rusted, worn out Pier. Think about that as you welcome 10,000 more neighbors.