Artesia Boulevard, What can we do?

Artesia Boulevard, What can we do?

My vision for Artesia:
1) Form a task force comprised of real estate experts, residents, business owners to gather ideas and formulate a plan.
2) Study the business mix currently on Artesia Boulevard.
3) Discuss/learn/study the best mix for that area.
4) Market to the business categories we are lacking, based on studies above.

5) Fix up the public amenities:

           Provide more lighting and nicer lighting.

           Medians with drought resistant planting.

           Crosswalk improvements.

           Add wi-fi to lighting

           Lay fiber-optic cables whenever there is a street improvement planned
6) Provide a general guideline for signage and store fronts- perhaps provide a cost sharing or other incentive for improvements.
7) Communicate to business owners that we are making improvements to the Boulevard and ask if they will join us by upgrading their lots?
8) Find more parking
9) Beautify the SCE Edison Right-of-way to encourage neighborhood residents to walk to Artesia.

 What are your ideas?

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  1. michael shetty on May 3, 2017 at 10:05 am

    Thanks Laura for making Artesia Boulevard a priority. Artesia has so much promise. It needs to attract more family friendly foot traffic. Please consider reducing the number of liquor stores, small convince stores that focus for selling liquor/cigarettes, and massage parlors. Adding a full service grocer, retail, and specialty restaurants is a great start. Easier said then done. But that should be the goal.