Artesia & Aviation Corridor Area Plan (AACAP)


Vitalize the Artesia Boulevard Business District as an identifiable, safe, attractive, and inviting place to serve residents and visitors’ unique needs while building prosperous small businesses.




Did you know?
Artesia Boulevard was originally named Redondo Beach Boulevard. The name changed in 1962 when the State of California named it a State Highway and took control of the roadway. In 1994, the City began negotiations with the State to relinquish control of Artesia Boulevard due to budget issues and lack of maintenance. After 10 years of negotiation, the City resumed control of Artesia Boulevard in 2004

The General Plan Action Committee will be reviewing the attached Artesia & Aviation Corridor Area Plan on September 26, 6 pm, second floor of the Main Library.


The most recent effort to move forward with improvements to the Aviation and Artesia Corridors was initiated in 2018 when the City Council authorized the preparation of the Artesia and Aviation Corridors Area Plan (AACAP) to provide more focused policy and placemaking guidance to one of the city’s most prominent and traveled east‐west Corridors.

The AACAP effort was rolled into the General Plan Advisory Committee’s (GPAC’s) ongoing efforts  and was informed by: 

  • An existing land use analysis, including a detailed, lot‐by‐lot review of the land uses currently operating with the AACAP.
  • A parking utilization study that included counts of all existing private and public parking within the AACAP.
  • A focused economic feasibility study that built off a previous citywide analysis; further examined what types of uses and development intensities along Artesia Boulevard would result in financially feasible development projects; and identified the specific challenges and opportunities associated with redevelopment in the AACAP.
  • Four focused meetings of the General Plan Advisory Committee to discuss the AACAP, its land uses, and revitalization.

This document captures the recommendations of previous efforts as well as the analysis and discussions conducted in the development of this plan to define a number of strategies and implementable actions that will guide the revitalization of the Aviation and Artesia Corridors.  

DESIRED IMPROVEMENTS FOR ARTESIA AND AVIATION CORRIDORS As a result of the various studies of Artesia and Aviation Boulevards in Redondo Beach over the years, several programs or actions have been recommended for implementation to enhance the vitality and user experience.

In general, the recommendations center around three primary topics:

  • Design
  • Mobility
  • Economic Development

To create sustainable, feasible, and effective Corridors, these three topics must be equally considered.

Aligning the three components often requires compromise and identification of ways to respond to today’s needs while assessing the trade-offs of future improvements.

The AACAP is organized by these three components and addresses a series of more detailed topics, which are listed here and are expanded upon in the remaining chapters of this plan.