Are you having Mail Delivery Issues?

The Ernest/Farrell area did not get mail for a few days then they received 2 mail deliveries on one day. The following week Perkins did not receive mail.

The US Postal Service falls under Congressman Ted Lieu’s office. Below is a letter from Congressman Lieu’s office.

If you experience a post problem, then you must report the exact date of the problem, your address and complete the privacy release form. Below is the letter from Janet Turner, Field Supervisor for the Congressman.



Nice to speak with you today. I’m sorry you and your constituents are having mail problems.

As I mentioned, the Office of Congressman Lieu has a 90% success rate in getting mail delivery improved when a constituent opens a case with us by filling out our privacy release form. They can feel free to reach out to me at to call the office at 323-651-1040 and speak with any caseworker.

Attached is a privacy release form. Please fill it out for your own USPS problem. As we discussed, you can say that the problem affected your entire block. I need a real signature, not electronic.


Please include any pictures or documentation that you might have. You can scan it and email it to me at or you can fax it ATTN: Janet to 323-655-0502 or you can mail it to me at Office of Congressman Ted Lieu, 5055 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 310, Los Angeles, CA 90036


Feel free to send this privacy release and instructions to anyone who contacts you with a USPS problem.  Congressman Lieu takes USPS problems seriously and our office will actively work to help Redondo Beach’s USPS problems be solved.  Please do not hesitate to contact me about any specific questions or problems that arise about this issue.


Janet Turner
Field Supervisor
Congressman Ted W.Lieu, CA 33
5055 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 310
Los Angeles, CA 90036
Office: 323-651-1040