2022-2023 Budget Final

My Concerns to the Council Majority Motion:
Once again, Redondo Beach service needs are second place to the Pier. The General Fund is the main fund that is used for RB Services. The Pier has 2 funds to support it yet it’s the General Fund that gets used which leaves little for the rest of the city.

The Redondo Beach Pier needs $4.3 Million to seismically retrofit it. I did not want this funding to come from the General Fund but it’s absolutely vital. I thought loaning the money from General Fund would mean it could be paid back to our City’s needs in the future. There is an Upland Fund to fund the pier improvements. Instead they took $2.3 Million from YOUR General Fund. Another $2 Million is needed for next year which means YOUR General Fund will be hit again.

Parts of Emdee/Horvath Motion that the Council Majority allowed:

  • We asked for 2 Crossing Guards: One at Lilienthal and Ralston, another at 182nd & Inglewood. Only one was approved. We chose 182nd & Inglewood. Since 1,500 more housing units are now zoned on Kingsdale, we thought providing students a safe way to school was essential.
  • Anderson Senior Center: Public Address System and new flooring
  • Del Page Park Shade Structure over play equipment
  • Beland Avenue Radar Speed Feedback Signs
  • Aviation Crosswalk addition/improvements – they wanted Grant Avenue, I asked for 2 more either at Voorhees or Bataan. Staff will apply for Measure M funds.
  • North Redondo Beach Library – self service installation. It’s like a vending machine for library books so that we can access library books 24 hours a day.
  • Median improvements in front of Beach Cities Cafe, Panela’s Brazil, Critic’s Choice, Dog groomers and Hair Salon (Beland Avenue between Robinson and Johnston)
  • Ensenada Parkette – replace/replant drought tolerant plants

Denied to Emdee/Horvath but I should be able to complete with another budget approved last year:

  • North Redondo Beach Bike Path: Plant small trees allowed by SCE along Bike Path in District 5.
  • Crosswalk from Bike Path to Del Page, on Robinson

Denied. Horvath/Emdee included in their motion and were denied:

  • Pickleball Courts. Denied even though there are millions available for one time projects.
  • Senior Center & Teen Center: Increased programming for community meetings and classes at the Perry & Anderson Senior Centers & Perry Teen Center. Denied.
  • After School Care: Recreation Program needs help attracting Rec Leaders. Parents are scrambling for after school care, so I asked for a $500 signing bonus to attract workers and be able to provide 60 more spots per school. Denied.


A simple one minute video on Redondo Beach Budget choices. We have one-time money like grants and we have our regular on-going budget from various revenue streams like taxes. This year, due to refinancing our CalPers Obligation, we had $11 MILLION in One -Time Funding available: